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If you want to speed up and automate daily work with Office programs. We offer the creation of corporate document templates and the preparation of whole presentations, MS Excel programming, as well as consultations regarding the usage in your company environment.

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It's a good idea to have a corporate graphics manual as a basic material for preparing templates. If you do not have one like this, we'll prepare i for you. It includes the use of brand graphics, colors and fonts in standard business documents and not just in them.


And when you look for all the visual identity services in one place, we will prepare for you a fully responsive web corresponding to other brand graphics.

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The luxie company was founded in 2018, but the history of projects and experience has been longer than ten years. The focus is mainly on preparing templates for Office applications of all kinds, document editing, and design itself.

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Creating complete PowerPoint templates. Preparation of all basic slides of presentation and specific layouts on customer request. Setting color schemes and fonts, incl. sample slides (especially tables, charts and infographics).

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Creating templates for MS Word - for the professional look of all business documents. Define color schemes and fonts, style settings, graphics and automatic fields to speed up your everyday work.

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Solution for MS Excel. Not only graphical design, but the creation of functional tables using various functions according to the customer's wishes, whether analyzing different outputs from databases or forming separate applications within MS Excel.

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Power BI

Power BI

For the case of more complicated and complex data analyzes, where Excel is no longer enough and does not provide the required outputs. We offer training and consultations.


We do not have a standard branch office, if you want to arrange an appointment, contact us at:

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